NPC Grad Brings HVAC Engineering Skills Back Home


Fredrick Kolp works as an HVAC engineer at Sanders Supply in Hot Springs. He is a 2016 graduate of National Park College (NPC) where he studied engineering. He started at National Park Technology Center (NPTC) in the Pathway to Engineering program. After completion of the program, he received the NPTC Scholarship, which paid for half of his tuition at NPC. After graduating from NPC, he went on to study engineering at Arkansas Tech University (ATU) where he specialized in mechanical engineering with a focus in HVAC studies. He graduated ATU in December 2018. 

Kolp did not always want to be an engineer, but his teachers in high school nurtured his interest in math and science. “My time at NPC solidified my decision to go into engineering, thanks to the professors and friends I met there,” stated Kolp.

When asked what his favorite memories of NPC were, Kolp reminisced on late nights studying with his friends and sharing Little Caesars pizza. He said, “My experience at NPC was great. I went here with my wife and we both felt as if we were given a leg up on the rest of the other students who went to school at larger universities. I made lifelong friends that helped me make it through both my time at NPC and ATU. I felt that I built a great foundation that the rest of my lifelong learning could be built upon, no matter the path I choose.”

Kolp recognizes NPC for giving him a strong base in mathematics, physics and sophomore engineering courses. He added, “I would definitely recommend NPC to other students looking to go into engineering. The smaller classes at NPC really help with making sure that you get all of the time you need with your professors to make sure you learn everything that is needed to continue to the next course.” He said the attention received from the professors at NPC was an important key to his success at NPC and ATU. “NPC meant getting a head start on my education with a tight knit group of friends and great staff that I felt had the time and actually cared to help me learn the subject matter.”